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Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users, and for every second your business isn’t advertising in facebook – your competitors are snapping up your potential customers!

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Our Facebook Retargeting Service

Facebook Retargeting

Let’s talk about one of our favourite Facebook Advertising features – Retargeting. Retargeting is available across most PPC platforms & they all in essence do the same thing. Facebook retargeting works like this. When we set you up with Facebook Ads, Facebook Ads in return, offers you a pixel (it’s kind of like an ID). We place that pixel within your website, and that pixel then inserts a cookie into the browsers of customers that visit your site.

Facebook retargeting Ads show your ad only to people that have visited your website within the last 180 days. It’s kind of like that scene in the movie when the two people are in love, and one of them is ready to dive in deep but even though the other one knows they’re in love too, they’re scared to make the leap – what happens if they realise it’s not really for them? What if they want to go back to being friends? As a business, your customers are for the most part, the ones that are scared of your love, even if they feel the same. Retargeting prompts them to take the leap. Over time, they come to trust you, and when they do want to act, you’re right there, ready to hold their hand through the whole process.

At PingDR, we develop strategic Facebook advertising services & retargeting campaigns that narrow down on your customers site behaviour. With the data analysed, we’re able to cater our ads specifically to each individual visitors behaviour ensuring the information we present about your business aligns with their intent for being on your site. It sounds tricky, and it is, those in the know can give you a high ROI on a low budget, but those that aren’t can really blow money with very little to show for it.

Smart Prospecting For Optimal Facebook Ads

Smart Prospecting using Facebook

Facebook’s Organic reach is dismal right now (you can thank Facebook’s algorithms for that). That’s why Ads are absolutely crucial for your facebook marketing campaigns. And honestly, Facebook Ads offers some seriously exciting targeting capabilities, so it’s really not a bad thing. The options for your custom audience creation on facebook are unlike any other social media platform out there. From age, gender, location, interests, hobbies and engagement – we can really create an awesome ad experience for your customers that they will actually enjoy and benefit from.

As a highly experienced facebook advertising agency, PingDR take advantage of these crazily good features and craft your Facebook campaigns like a beautiful Michelangelo bloody painting. With our advanced facebook ad sequencing, we can get you awesome conversion rates at a seriously low cost, and that’s because our team are always researching to stay ahead of the game and beat Facebook’s algorithms, which really are giving Google a run for their money. We constantly tweak and adjust your facebook ads and audiences depending on the audience analytics and ensure we’re showcasing your products to the audience that wants to purchase, optimising your ad for ultimate leads & sales.

Facebook Lead Generation Service

Lead Generating Facebook Ads Agency

If you’re using PingDR as your facebook advertising agency, then you can expect an epic increase in leads generated during the time we manage you. We’ve had extensive experience in social media marketing in Ahmedabad, and understand how to position your ad in a way that compels people to throw themselves at you, figuratively. We have a growing amount of awesome business like yourself that we’ve worked with for years, and as you might know by now, we don’t do contracts. We let the results be all the reason you need to stick by us every month. That’s why you can trust us to ensure your ad campaigns are tailored to the peak of performance, ensuring you gain an impressive ROI for your business. With some of the best facebook marketing Ahmedabad has to offer, what are you waiting for?

Facebook Ads For Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

If you’re launching a new product & find traditional marketing too expensive, then digital is most definitely the way to go for you to build your brand and gain that massive cult like following! Our Facebook, GDN & Video Advertising solution will reach millions of people for a surprisingly modest cost! We can help you get likes, comments and shares that drive credibility and trust for your business! Not only that, but we design fresh creative & relevant ad content every 3 months for your audience as part of our service. Talk about damn good value.

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