G Suite Services

GSuite Services (Google Apps)

GSuite gets your business going with separate users, all with managed email, cloud storage, document collaboration and even more.

We can do all the heavy lifting to get you setup with GSuite. We can even migrate from your old email accounts, so you never lose any of your important correspondence.

The best part? Your emails will have your domain name at the end, ie. manager@yourbusinessname.com.au (just like ours!)

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Turn your users into heroes! Give them all the powers that GSuite provides, make some admins, give some more storage. You have complete control.

Sick of Outlook? Access your emails through Gmail’s world renowned interface. Not sick of Outlook? Send your GSuite emails straight to it!

Manage Emails


You can assign each of your users as much storage as they need, and decide which files are shared with whom. Keep your data safe and in your control.

PingDR Digital can get you started right away. Just get in touch with us and let us know you’re interested. We’ll make it happen for you with our GSuite experts.

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