React Native App Development

React Native App Development

World’s top applications like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype and Tesla are made using React Native Framework. React Native framework is developed by Facebook and has gained immense popularity for the implementation of single code multiple times. Known for speedy app development, React Native framework smartly concords to Native app components that allow the building of Native mobile apps for multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows for high-performance, easy portability, and scalability.

Own the Feature-Rich Interface

PingDR’s React Native App Development Services are absolutely focused on building scalable and responsive cross-platform applications for IOS and Android platforms. We concentrate on your app product goals before building the app and provide with the apt solutions that own the essential features rightly placed in the app to make it more usable. Choose React Native App Development for the rapid development process and accomplish the dreams of building productive businesses.

  • Customized business solutions
  • Skilled design and development team
  • Compatible and scalable apps
  • Project security and confidentiality
  • Well-timed project delivery
  • Efficient project management

Benefits of React Native App Development

We merge our development skills and hundreds of apps’ experience to create the React Native framework for your app potential. The framework is fully UI-focused looking like a JavaScript archive and makes the interactions run so graceful with quicker load times than other hybrid apps

One Codebase for Multiple Platforms Build React Native App and stop worrying about creating two apps for two major platforms like iOS and Android, as the same code can be used for multiple operating systems.

Faster Deployment

When one language can be used to code for both platforms with one codebase, it allows rapid development and iteration. The ease provides with shorter development timeline and faster deployment.

Save Time

When the testers do the regression tests, it will consume less time when your app is built on React Native Framework. Bugs problems can also be solved easily and quickly.

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Easy Optimization

Along with bringing the agility of web app development, React native brings high-responsiveness with instant reloading and recompiling. It is also simple to drop down to native code for optimizing the app.

Do You Have Questions?

React is the JavaScript library for building user interfaces of the web apps. While React Native is an extension of React which is used for building mobile apps for Android and iOS.

No, React Native is not a replacement to Native. It is basically a substitute for apps which has lesser development time and low budget.

If the app is less complex with lesser budget and prompt deployment, React Native is better. If the app is complex with several features to integrate and needs high performance, Native is better.

React Native can smoothly handle multiple platforms. React Native API do possess the cross-platform ability which means write the code once and it will run on both Android and iOS platforms.

The apps which are mostly reliant on the user interface and don’t have plenty of features to be integrated into the app are suitable for React Native.

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