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Spotify Advertising Agency
How Spotify Can Help Your Business

Benefits of Spotify Advertising Services

Reach your audience
Your audience will hear and see your brand through the shopify platform. Giving you the ability to connect with your audience throughout the day.

Tell you brand’s story on Spotify
Make your brand stand out above the crowd, with fantastic audio, video and display advertising formats. Giving your brand the exposure it deserves.

Understand the impact
The platform has intelligent performance measurement and analytics which enables you to pin point your perfect audioence, and maximise return on investment.

How Spotify Advertising Works

Spotify Ad Formats

Spotify Ads has expanded into a variety of different ad units:

  • Audio Everywhere – short audio ads served between songs with clickable display content
  • Sponsored Session Video – your video ad unlocks 30 minutes of ad-free listening if a user opts to watch the full video
  • Video Takeover – your video message served in between songs
  • Overlay – simple display ads
  • Homepage Takeover – showcase your brand message on the front of Spotify’s Browse page for 24 hours
  • Sponsored Playlist – customized playlist sponsored by your brand with clickable display ad
Spotify Advertising benefits

Utilising a Spotify Advertising Agency

Spotify is a relatively new advertising medium. The platform itself is growing year on year with little sign of slowing. With over 191 million users, each with an average listening time of more than 2 hours per day, there are huge opportunities to take advantage of Spotify Advertising & Ahmedabad based business should be seriously considering taking advantage.

PingDR is a Spotify Advertising Agency that takes every opportunity possible to beat your competition, and this digital audio advertising platform is yet another, which we’ve had great success in implementing.

Spotify advertising is a great alternative to radio advertising, it’s a highly effective digital audio platform  that puts your message in front of your audience. Building your brand, and grow your revenue today.

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