MEAN Stack is the modern software stack and a compilation of four advanced JavaScript-based technologies MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.js. MEAN provides a full stack web application development environment for building fast, secure and scalable applications using single language across all the layers. pingDR provides end-to-end MEAN Stack development services using a clean code base prototyped by MEAN experts for your online business.

What Is The Anatomy Of The MEAN Stack Web Application?

The MEAN stack application structure is a combination of MongoDB – a NoSQL database that provides flexible data storage layers, Express JS – that standardizes web application development, Angular JS – that allows interactive gestures on web applications and Node.js – that keeps your server running continuously, and together, they form the MEAN stack.

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Our MEAN experts use MongoDB – a NoSQL database because it stores data similarly to the JSON format. As applications evolve over time, the dynamic schemas inherent in MongoDB evolve along with it.

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Our developers love to use Express as it is a flexible Node.js web application framework to develop web and mobile applications with a robust set of features for businesses of any type or size.

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Our team uses Angular to extend basic HTML functionality to more easily work with the dynamic views inherent in web apps. Angular JS can also be extended easily.

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Developers at pingDR create server-side Javascript web applications using the Node.js runtime environment. Since Node.js is asynchronous, it is far more scalable than traditional thread-based networking.

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